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Easy Machine Learning

Aitenea, a complete ecosystem for the experimentation of advanced algorithms, the automation of trainings, creation and deployment of models.

¿What is Aitenea?


With AItenea you can move from a theoretical or proof-of-concept implementation to a production-ready functionality block.


A system capable of putting machine learning models into production, through the visual layer, without the need for any coding.

100% Open Source

An open source platform that allows users to innovate with Machine Learning algorithms, and develop and implement code easily.


AItenea provides a test-based development methodology that ensures the stability of the platform. 100% coded in Python.

Start using Aitenea

User manual

Download our user manual and implement our framework from scratch. No prior knowledge required.

download user manual

Source code

Access the source code of Aitenea. 100% Open Source. A platform coded entirely in Phyton.


Technical support

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